Army Vaccinated Intelligence Agents in Secret and without Approval

National Immunization program technicians told the MPF that the public servants should not have been covered

​Vinicius Sassin

The Army secretly vaccinated 130 Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) employees. They were immunized against Covid-19 without the approval of technicians from the National Immunization Program of the Ministry of Health.

Public prosecutor's office (MPF) in Brasília found that a list was sent to the Army so that ABIN employees could be vaccinated along with active soldiers from the three Armed Forces who are being immunized in a privileged way in Brasília.

Documents gathered by the MPF in a public civil inquiry, opened on June 25, prove that the vaccinations took place. The action investigates the privilege given to the personnel of the Armed Forces, to the security forces and to ABIN agents in Brasília.

All are suspected of skipping the vaccination queue, due to disrespect for technical norms issued by the PNI team to organize a flow of immunization of priority groups, given the lack of doses throughout the country.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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