Bolsonaro's Hospitalization Prompts Demonstrations by Groups For and Against The President

Acts range from 'Power to Bolsonaro' to 'Down with Bolsonaro'

São Paulo

The sudden hospitalization of President Jair Bolsonaro changed the routine at the Vila Nova Star hospital in São Paulo, where he was admitted on Wednesday (14). The most eye-catching — and noisiest — change was the presence of the press at the entrance.

15.07.2021, President Jair Bolsonaro gave a live interview to a television program. ( Foto:Reprodução / TV A CRÍTICA )

According to the medical bulletin released this Thursday night (15), the president had the nasogastric tube he was using removed because of an intestinal obstruction, and is expected to start feeding and see improvement.

In a gesture to show his recovery, Bolsonaro gave a live interview to a television program. He also used the networks to criticize the Covid CPI in the Senate.

​Outside the hospital, small groups of voters have appeared, with posters and supportive t-shirts. Detractors also emerged, in smaller numbers.

Drivers who pass through the region express their views, sometimes in solidarity, sometimes in criticism. There are those who pass by shouting the traditional “myth” (“Legend”) while honking the horn, to those who fire profanity and slogans like “Down with, Bolsonaro.”

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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