Black Man Forced to Undress to Prove He Didn't Shoplift

Incident happened at Assaí Atacadista, in Limeira, in the interior of São Paulo

Gonçalves (MG)

A 56-year-old Black man says he was forced to take off his own clothes to prove that he hadn't stolen items from a supermarket in the interior of São Paulo.

The case was registered at an Assaí Atacadista store located in Limeira.

LIMEIRA, SP, Black man forced to undress to prove he didn't shoplift (Foto: Reprodução/TV Folha ) - Reprodução/TV Folha

Luiz Carlos da Silva, according to his lawyer, was doing a price survey for different items to return later with his wife to make the purchase.

Upon leaving the supermarket, he was accused by a security guard of having stolen products. Surrounded, he was forced to undress – he was left in his underwear in front of other customers.

The market stated that it repudiates any act that violates current legislation and human rights, opened an internal investigation and dismissed the official responsible for the approach.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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