Superior Electoral Court Prepares Rule to Cut Money Earned by Political Social Media Accounts

Funds are considered private financing

Brasília and São Paulo

The Superior Electoral Court is preparing a specific resolution to stop the monetization of social media used for political purposes in elections, whether by candidates or supporters.

The funds earned by the accounts are considered private campaign financing, which is not allowed by law.

The court thinks that the practice may already be considered illegal, but a resolution could clarify the issue.

To date, no proceedings have been opened on such situations in the two previous elections, when private financing had already been prohibited.

Monetization has become an important issue since the opening of fake news investigations and anti-democratic acts, both under Supreme Court Just Alexandre de Moraes. In both investigations, suspicions revolved around the fact that Bolsonaristas involved in spreading lies and attacks against institutions were able to do this financed by the social networks themselves.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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