Anti-Bolsonaro Demonstrations Mix Right and Left but Fail to Upstage The Pro-Bolsonaro Demonstrations

Impeachment demonstrations featured presidential candidates; without PT, turnout also falls short of previous opposition protests

Five days after Jair Bolsonaro led pro-coup demonstrations on September 7, protesters took to the streets of at least 18 capitals and in Brasília on Sunday (12) to press for the president's impeachment.

The protests brought together presidential candidates trying to be the third way for 2022. Still, they did not confront the Bolsonaro mobilization on the Independence holiday or previous acts led by the left. The demonstrations attracted some leftist parties and leaders, but with a distance from Lula's PT.

The Security Secretariat Public estimated about 6,000 demonstrators, against 125,000 in the Bolsonaro demonstration on the Independence holiday and 15,000 in the leftist protest on the same day in the Anhangabaú valley.

The movement retreated from the motto it had spouted in recent days— "Neither Lula nor Bolsonaro." It wanted to attract sectors on the left and put pressure on the impeachment of the current president. However, the message ended up being used by participants.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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