Bolsonaro Backs Down after Coup Threats and Now Says He Had No Intention of Attacking Other Federal Institutions

After repeated attacks, president attributes words to 'the heat of the moment', but at night he again provokes justice; Change of tone displeases Bolsonaro support groups

Two days after attacking the Supreme Federal Court with coup threats, President Jair Bolsonaro released a statement on Thursday (9) in which he backed off, saying he had "no intention of attacking any of the federal institutios" and attributed words to " force" prior to the "heat of the moment."

"I never had any intention of attacking any of the federal institutions. The harmony between them is not my will, but a constitutional determination that everyone, without exception, must respect," he said. The president's change of tone comes after his support groups repeated insults to members of the court. The Presidents of the Senate and House praised this but it was viewed with skepticism by the magistrates.

Hours after releasing it, Bolsonaro used his weekly social media live to try to justify himself to supporters, saying there was "nothing much" in the note, and returned to questioning the electronic voting machines and teasing the Supreme Court justice and president of the Election Court. , Luís Roberto Barroso. Bolsonaro spent the last two months with repeated attacks on the Supreme Court and name calling some of its ministers as a strategy to summon his supporters to the acts of September 7, when he repeated the attacks and made a series of threats to the court and its members.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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