Luciano Hang Admits to Financing Covid Kit, but Not Fake News

Summoned by the Senate Pandemic investigation, the businessman said that his mother used a medicated cocktail, which he had previously denied


Businessman Luciano Hang, an ally of President Jair Bolsonaro, confirmed in a testimony to the Senate pandemic investigation that he maintains "two or three bank accounts" abroad and that the Internal Revenue Service is aware of this.

He also said that he campaigned in Brusque (SC), his city, to buy drugs from the "Covid kit" and donate them to hospitals – the drugs in question are not effective in fighting the coronavirus.

Hang denied, however, that he financed the disclosure of false information about the pandemic, the main reason for him being summoned to testify.

At the tensest moment of the hearing, the businessman said that he would not allow his mother's death from the disease to be used for political purposes. And he said he was surprised by the fact that Covid was not on Regina Hang's death certificate.

He acknowledged that his mother received the medications from the kit even before hospitalization by Prevent Senior. He recorded a video shortly after she died in which he regretted not having used what he calls early treatment. Finally, he denied that he is a denier.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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