Reason for 17,000 Violent Deaths in 2019 Is Unknown in Brazil

This type of death suggests underreporting of homicides in the country, according to the Atlas of Violence

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil does not know the reason for 17 thousand violent deaths in 2019, whether it was the result of murder or aggression.

The conclusion comes from the Atlas of Violence 2021, released this Tuesday (31). The study calculated that deaths classified as "violent death from undetermined causes" (MVCI) jumped from 12,310 to 16,648 between the years 2018 and 2019, an increase of 35%. Homicides, on the other hand, fell by 21%, from 57,956 to 45,503.

Within the decade, the rate of indigenous murders rose 22%. And, in 2019, every hour, a disabled person was a victim of violence.

The annual survey gathers data from the Ministry of Health, mainly from the Mortality Information System (SIM). It was carried out by the Brazilian Public Security Forum (FBSP), the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) and the Jones dos Santos Neves Institute (IJSN), linked to the Government of Espírito Santo.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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