Temer Telephones Bolsonaro to Explain Satire at Dinner

'Don't worry about it,' replied the president, saying he was used to sarcasm

São Paulo

Former president Michel Temer called Jair Bolsonaro and explained the satire that radio commentator André Marinho made of him at a dinner at the home of businessman Naji Nahas, in São Paulo.

Temer told the president that Marinho also imitated him and that no one at the meeting was making fun of Bolsonaro.

Contrary to what some press reports showed, Nahas' guests laughed at several jokes made by Marinho.

According to an interlocutor with a direct connection to Bolsonaro, the president reassured Michel Temer. "Don't worry," he said. He claimed to be used to criticism and sarcasm.

At dinner, Marinho, who is a commentator for radio Jovem Pan, imitated Bolsonaro and pretended that he was talking to Temer about the meeting the president had had with him last week. The meeting resulted in Bolsonaro publishing a letter in which he retreated from the coup statements he had gave during the September 7th demonstrations.​

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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