8 Military Members Sentenced to 28 Years for Shooting Death of Rio Musician

Sole officer receives 31 years of military court for the death of Evaldo dos Santos and Luciano Macedo

Rio de Janeiro

By 3 votes to 2, the Military Justice sentenced eight men for the shooting of musician Evaldo Rosa dos Santos, 46, and recyclable collector Luciano Macedo, in an Army action in April 2019 in Guadalupe, Rio.

The prison sentences for the two qualified murders and for the attempted murder of the musician's father-in-law, Sérgio de Araújo, are 28 years for seven of the accused soldiers and 31 years and six months for the officer in charge of the group.

Lieutenant Italo da Silva Nunes was the first to shoot without any threat.

Evaldo was taking his family to a baby shower when his car was hit by two shots by the military, who were chasing assailants.

A little further on, the vehicle stopped, and the musician's wife and son got out, asking for help. Luciano, who was nearby, rushed to the spot.

According to the complaint, a new round, of 82 shots, was fired by the military. Evaldo died instantly, and Luciano 11 days later.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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