Lula's Potential Union with Alckmin Sparks Unease in PSB Allies

PSD will not have a candidate in SP if toucan is vice-president, hindering the PT and PSB's strategy

The proposed union of PT's Lula and PSB's Geraldo Alckmin, suggesting that the still tucano could be Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's deputy in 2022, has sparked dissatisfaction among potential allies of the former São Paulo governor. First, the two parties that could host this union, the PSD and União Brasil (DEM-PSL merger in progress), feel unsettled with Alckmin's inability to define the relationship.

He has only communicated that "is about to decide" his future soon. Second, those who believe Alckmin did not outright reject Lula's offer thinks this could have negative electoral repercussions if he runs for the Government of São Paulo.

Last week, as Folha revealed, the Lula-Alckmin alliance emerged. It was conceived by two people interested in removing Alckmin from the race in São Paulo, his ally Márcio França (PSB) and rival Fernando Haddad (PT), who joined the ex-president and ex-governor in the conversation. True to his style, the toucan did not reject the relationship. This impacted the group already restless with Alckmin's delay and had two immediate effects.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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