Rains Overwhelm Roads, Dams and Cities in Minas Gerais

State has 145 municipalities in a state of emergency, and thousands had to leave their homes

São Paulo, Conselheiro Lafaiete (MG) and Rio de Janeiro

The rains that hit Minas Gerais in early 2022 have resulted in deaths, destruction and disruption.

With rivers flooded, residents had to leave their homes due to flooding or the risk of dams collapsing, and there were more than 100 road closures.

With the storms, 145 municipalities are in an emergency situation. The most affected areas are Greater Belo Horizonte and the central and western regions of the state.

Raposos (MG). (Foto: Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Minas Gerais) - Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Mi

There have been at least nine deaths since October, and almost 14,000 people have already had to leave their homes.

Most of those who had to leave live near mining dams.

A dike overflowed at Vallourec's Pau Branco mine in Nova Lima, which led Vale, CSN and Usiminas to halt operations.

The road that connects the city to the mining capital has slip points.

Residents of Pará de Minas were also evacuated because the dam at the Carioca dam has a high probability of breaking.

Belo Horizonte and surrounding cities recorded 300 mm of rain in the last three days, the average expected for the entire month in the region.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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