Rock Falls on Tourists in Capitólio (MG) and Leaves Ten Dead

Boats cruising along the Furnas lake were hit

There are ten dead in Capitólio (MG) as a result of a falling canyon wall that hit boats that were cruising along the Furnas lake, on Saturday (8).

The Fire Department resumed the search, which began the day before, on Sunday morning and located the missing bodies of three.

MINAS , 08.01.202 , BRAZIL , Boats cruising along the Furnas lake were hit

50 military personnel and 11 divers from the Military Fire Brigade of Minas Gerais participated. They are specialists in this type of operation and are already familiar with the search area.

For the operation, four speedboats and three watercraft from the Brazilian Navy and Cbmmg were used.

According to firefighters, four boats were hit, of which two sank, and 32 people were injured.

Marcos de Souza Pimenta, regional delegate of Passos (MG), said that "it would be premature to blame anyone for an accident of this magnitude."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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