Being Left Out Would Be Very Unfair, Says 15-Year-Old Girl who Wants to Vote for Bolsonaro

Student from the Federal District will be 16 between the two shifts and asked the Supreme Court to participate in the election

Elena Soares de Jesus, a student in Ceilândia, in the Federal District, looked at the election calendar and did the math: she will not be at least 16 years old to vote in the first round, on October 2nd, but in the second, on October 30th. She has a birthday on October 19th.

Interested in politics from an early age, she asked her father to enter the Electoral Justice website to get her voter registration card. When it came time to fill in the date of birth, however, the system failed.

"It's very unfair. I can't be left out. Once I want it, I can't be stopped," she says.

The solution found was to file a writ of mandamus at the Supreme Federal Court asking for authorization to participate in an eventual second round of the election. She intends to vote for Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

The electoral law does not provide for the possibility of voting only in the second round and, therefore, a favorable court decision could set a precedent for similar cases.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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