46% of Brazilians no Longer Discuss Politics with Friends and Family

Datafolha research indicates that 14% have been verbally threatened and 5% physically

Almost half of Brazilians claim to have stopped talking to friends or family about politics in recent months in order to avoid arguments, according to a Datafolha survey. This index is 46%, similar to the one registered in July (49%).

Silence is more common among women, younger people, the more educated, richer people, and voters of the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (54%). It is also higher among Lula's supporters (48%) compared to Jair Bolsonaro's (40%).

FOZ DO IGUAÇU-PR - A PT treasurer was killed by a Bolsonarist policeman (Paulo Lisboa/Folhapress) - PAULO LISBOA

Another result that shows voters' concern regarding the subject is the number of people who felt less comfortable about declaring their vote for president recently: 35%.

The fear may be a reflection of the series of episodes involving political violence that have marked the 2022 elections in several Brazilian states.

One that generated the most commotion took place in July when a PT treasurer was killed by a Bolsonarist policeman in Paraná.

Earlier this month, a supporter of the president killed a co-worker who supported Lula with 70 stab wounds in Mato Grosso.

According to the survey, 14% of respondents said they had been verbally threatened for their political positions in recent months. Physical threats were mentioned by 5% of them.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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