Lula Says that 'Bolsonarism Lingers on' and Calls for Civil Society Participation

At COP27, the president-elect says violence against indigenous peoples and 'loggers' fury' will no longer be tolerated and will require 'much more competence'


President-elect Lula (PT) said, in a meeting with civil society at COP27, the UN conference on climate change, that, despite having defeated current president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the election, "Bolsonarism still lingers on".

At the meeting with representatives of the Brazilian civil society, this Thursday morning (17th), in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Lula also stated that the situation demands people's participation. "Don't think you're just going to demand things, no way. You're going to have to help get things done," he said, in a friendly tone.

Brazilian president-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva kisses the hand of Chadian environmentalist and SDG advocate, Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim speaks, during the COP27 climate conference in Egypt's Red Sea resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, on November 17, 2022. (Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP) - AFP

Another statement by Lula that stood out in this meeting, which packed a conference room and was also broadcast online, was a defense of breaching the spending cap to maintain "social responsibility". "If I say that, will the stock market go down, will the dollar exchange rise? Fine, let it be", said Lula, adding that the index fluctuation does not happen "because of serious people, but because of speculators who spend every single day speculating".

To the NGOs present, Lula stated that the new government will have a huge job in the aftermath of Bolsonarism. "You can see the violence with which they attack indigenous villages without any respect. You know what happens, the fury of the loggers", said the president-elect. "We're going to have to have much more competence, and skill because we can't keep fighting without knowing what to do either."

Translated by Cassy Dias

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