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Federal Police rescue Nigerians who traveled to Brazil near ship's propeller for 13 days

Migrants who initially planned to reach Europe crossed the Atlantic


Four Nigerian migrants were rescued by Federal Police agents on a ship off the coast of Espírito Santo on Monday (10).

The men traveled from the coast of Africa to Brazil in the so-called wheelhouse area of the vessel, close to the propeller.

Four people were caught by the Federal Police on the coast of Espírito Santo by crew members of a vessel that left Nigeria on June 27 - Reproduction/PF do Espírito Santo

The vessel had left Lagos, the most populous and economically important city in Nigeria, on the 27th, that is, the migrants crossed the Atlantic Ocean for 13 days.The Nigerians were found in the anchorage area of Vitória by a maintenance vessel.

Eugênio Ricas, superintendent of the Federal Police in Espírito Santo, says that the boat was sailing in the region when it encountered the migrants. The Maritime Police then went to rescue them.

According to Ricas, the Nigerians left Lagos with little food and water. The situation would have become even more difficult in the last three days when these items ran out. Still, they were found in good health and without injuries.

The Federal Police reported that their original intention was to go to Europe in search of better living conditions, but they arrived in Brazil because the ship they entered illegally was heading to the port of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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