Police Lethality Has Increased in States Governed by Current Ministers of Lula

Deaths in Bahia have increased four times compared to the national average; Amapá, Ceará, Piauí, and Maranhão have also experienced an increase

The deaths resulting from police actions in recent weeks in Bahia draw attention to a trend observed in recent years in states that were governed by current ministers of the Lula government. Under their management, Bahia, Amapá, Piauí, and Ceará have experienced a growth of up to four times the national average in lethality caused by security agents.

Folha analyzed data from the Brazilian Forum of Public Security in recent years and compared the scenario seen before the state mandates of the current ministers with the last year of their respective administrations. There was a percentage increase in deaths resulting from police intervention in Bahia (426%), Amapá (388%), Ceará (183%), Piauí (137%), and Maranhão (53%) in 2022, compared to 2014. The numbers in the first four cases are above the Brazilian average: an increase of 104% in the period. During that period, Maranhão was governed by Flávio Dino, who is now the Minister of Justice and Public Security.

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