Senate Goes Against Bolsonaro And Approves Supreme Court Pay Raise

The measure can snowball into an extra expense of US$ 1 billion in the federal budget

Angela Boldrini

The Brazilian Senate approved on Wednesday (7th) a pay raise to the Supreme Court justices. The proposed increase in their monthly wages, from R$ 33,700 (US$ 9,000) to R$ 39,300 (US$ 10,500), still needs President Michel Temer's sanction. But the raise could cost the public finances R$ 4 billion (U$ 1 billion) more per year, according to the House and the Senate's Budget Committees.

A pay raise for the Judiciary will have a snowball effect since their salaries act as the cap for all civil servants' wages. Also, some categories have their salaries tied to the magistrates'.

Session at the Supreme Court: pay raise to justices will have a snowball effect in public expenses - Folhapress

The raise was one of the challenges that the president-elect Jair Bolsonaro had to face in the Congress this week. 
Before the Senate decision, Bolsonaro had said that now was not the moment to give the Judiciary a pay raise. "We are finishing the year with a budget deficit, we will start next year also with a budget deficit," said Bolsonaro, after leaving a meeting with Air Force officials, in Brasilia.

On Tuesday (6th), after a meeting with president Michel Temer and Supreme Court Justice Dias Toffoli, president of the Senate Eunício Oliveria approved a request to include the matter on Wednesday's plenary.

The pay raise bill had already been approved by the House and had been waiting for a Senate decision since 2016.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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