Batista Family Loses Control Of MeatpackerJBS

Founder José Batista Sobrinho, aka Zé Mineiro, will be replaced by director of operations Gilberto Tomazoni

Joana Cunha
São Paulo

A little over a year after taking over meatpacker JBS, founder José Batista Sobrinho - also known as Zé Mineiro -- will leave the position. Gilberto Tomazoni, currently director of operations at the company, will be its new global CEO.

Zé Mineiro, 84, had been chosen by the JBS board in September 2017 to replace his son and former CEO Wesley Batista, who had been arrested a few days prior.

The Tuesday (4th) announcement is important because this is the first time in the history of JBS that the CEO position will be filled by someone who doesn't belong to the Batista family.

Zé Mineiro will remain as a member of the executive board, as he has been for the last ten years.

JBS' new global CEO starts his mandate with the position that the change in command represents another step towards a stronger focus of best practices in compliance.

JBS executive Gilberto Tomazoni will step up as global CEO Foto: Reprodução - Reprodução

"I'm not a JBS person. I come from the financial markets. I've been at JBS for six of my 36 years of professional experience. What you see is the result of what I helped to build," he said.

In November JBS released stronger than expected third-quarter results, related to high beef sales in Brazil and the US. The company's stock rose almost 8%.

JBS is making an effort to move past the criminal investigations involving the Batista founding family, especially brothers Wesley and Joesley Batista, as well as other companies that belong to the same conglomerate, mainly holding J&F. 

Although the worst part of the corruption scandals the company was involved during the Rousseff and Temer administration is behind, the new Bolsonaro administration will still have cabinet members associated with the company and possible kickbacks.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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