Bolsonaro Said that He Will Not Allow Advertising in State Departments that Doesnt Follow His Philosophy

But government will not preview state company advertisements


The president Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) said this Saturday (27) that he will not tolerate advertising at state companies that does not follow his ideological framework--even after the government decided to not preview publicity campaigns before they are released. 

“Who picked and nominated the president of Banco do Brasil? Me? I don’t need to say anything else,” Bolsonaro affirmed.  “The framework has changed. What do the people want? Respect of family. No one wants to persecute any minority, but we don’t want public money being used in this manner,” he insisted. 

Questioned if he intends to control all content, he said the authorities of his government will have to respect his ideology. 

“For example, my ministers. I believe in carrying arms. Therefore, my ministers believe in this or the remain silent,” he said. “It’s the rule of the game.” 

The publicity campaign of Banco do Brasil Foto: Reprodução

This week, Bolsonaro made Banco do Brasil take down a publicity campaign directed toward youth that had actors who represented racial and sexual diversity. 

After the episode, the government decided that state companies should submit their publicity for approve to (SECOM) Secretary of Social Communities. 

But hours afterward, the government reversed course. The secretary of the government, to whom the communication team reports to, said Friday night (26) that Secom does not observe the Lei das Estatais and cannot intervene in publicity content. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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