Recently Inaugurated Right-Wing Bar in BH Has a "Triplex" Plate and A "Go to Cuba" Drink

In short life, bar Destro has experienced no tension with left-wingers

São Paulo

Wall decorations include photos of right-wing icons like ex-president of the United States Ronald Regan, British ex-prime ministers Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher and liberal thinkers like Milton Friedman and Ludwig von Mises. From Brazil, there are photos of ex-minister Roberto Campos, the Baron of the Mauá, and the philosopher Olavo de Carvalho. 

This is not the office of one of the many conservative institutions that have popped up in Brazil in the last few years, but a bar, where people go to eat and drink. Inaugurated two weeks ago in Belo Horizonte (MG), the Destro bar is clearly politically on the right, and probably the first in Brazil with this theme. 

Destro Bar - Divulgação

On the menu--in addition to various types of coxinhas-- are plates with suggestive names like “Triplex” (ossobuco, canastra cheese, and cooked cassava), A Lula Tá Presa (The Squid is Imprisoned; fried squid) and Saudando a Mandioca (Saluting the Manioc; pork sausage with cooked casseroles). Among the drinks are “Go to Cuba” (passion fruit mojito) and the Trump Wall (with tequila and lime juice). The bar also has an artisanal beer, the Destra. 

Dictionary for those who did not understand the references: "Triplex" is associated with the property in Guarujá that resulted in the first conviction of former President Lula; "The Lula Tá Presa” refers to the imprisonment of the Lula and "Saudando a Mandioca" to a Dilma Rousseff saying that became famous in 2015.

On Tuesdays, instead of offers like "double draft beer", common in bars in Brazil, the motto is the "Taxes are Stealing" promotion, with discounts on drinks and snacks.

The idea came from four right-wing friends who met at PUC in BH, three law students and one in business management. The bar was ready in three months and opened in the Sion neighborhood, a bohemian area of the mining capital.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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