As Embraer Turns 50, Iconic Company Seeks A New Identity

Company is investing in ready-made products and new technologies after selling the commercial area to Boeing

A jewel in the crown of Brazilian industry, Embraer turns 50 this Monday: it is the largest exporter of high value-added products in the country—only behind the Airbus and Boeing giants in the world—having sold over 8,000 airplanes.

At the same time, the celebrations have a silent anguish. What will become of Embraer after the sale of its commercial aviation division, helping it to lead the competitive regional market?

Starting in 2020, pending regulatory approval from nine countries, the famous E-Jets will have a new brand defined by Boeing Brasil Commercial.

Company is investing in ready-made products and new technologies after selling the commercial area to Boeing (Foto: Eduardo Knapp/Folhapress, ESPECIAIS). - Folhapress

Americans bought the line. They also formed a specific joint venture, under Brazilian baton, to sell Embraer's most promising military product, the KC-390 multi-purpose transport aircraft.

Folha talked three executives from the new Embraer, who today are responsible for Defense, Services and Engineering, about the paradoxical moment of trajectory zenith and unknown future.

Predictably, all describe the company's current situation as a challenge for the company that was founded by the military in 1969 to assemble the pioneering twin-engine Bandeirante aircraft.

"Of all the places I've worked, Embraer is where I feel the most sense of cause. It has to do with the moral commitment of what I received, which was built by many Brazilians, regardless of governments," said Jackson Schneider, president of Embraer Defense and Security.

For Daniel Moczydlower, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Technology, the new company will be "smaller and more agile."

At the head of the Services division, Johann Bordais emphasizes the internal discourse: "It's time to dare, even outside the aeronautical world."

To start the next leg of the global company, the trio is betting on combining a mature portfolio, such as the Super Tucano fighter jet and the world's best-selling executive jet, the Phenom 300, with ready-to-compete products like the KC-390 and the Praetor jet. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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