Eike Batista Suspected of Trading Bitcoins in Wife's Name

Notes referring to the digital currency trade on behalf of Flávia Sampaio were found in the businessman's house


The Federal Prosecutor's Office is investigating businessman Eike Batista's participation in the cryptocurrency market.

The investigation began on Thursday (8), during the launch of Operation Secret Midas, which led to the temporary arrest of the businessman.

Brazilian businessman Eike Batista. (Photo by MAURO PIMENTEL / AFP) - AFP

Prosecutors found notes in the businessman's house referring to trading in cryptocurrencies in the name of Flávia Sampaio, Eike's wife. The manuscript includes an account login and password at Apple and Bitcoin Trade, the digital currency trading platform.

"Although the man's wife, Mrs. Flávia, is not being investigated, it is quite possible, given the evidence of such a usual means of money laundering, that the woman is using the wife's name and account to ensure concealment of proceeds or proceeds of crime, "wrote the Federal Prosecutor.

Judge Marcelo Bretas authorized the use of passwords to access information.

Eike is suspected of trading underground on stock exchanges. According to investigators, he bought and sold stock, but not in his name. He used a company created by banker Eduardo Plaz.

Investigations indicate that Eike's goal was to influence the value of the stock he bought. In many cases, he could not even actually make these purchases in his name.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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