Forest Fires Impact Tourism in the Pantanal

Hotel in Mato Grosso do Sul had to suspend activities because of the fires

São Paulo

The fires in the Amazon and Pará have not reached the main tourist attractions, according to authorities. But in the Pantanal, where the situation worsened last week, tourism was interrupted at some points.

The Caiman Ecological Refuge hotel, in Miranda (MS), had to suspend activities on Thursday (12) because of the fires.

Fire has destroyed wildlife Crédito: CAIMASUL (Caimans do Sul do Pantanal)

The reopening, scheduled for the end of the month, will be partial, with a limited number of tourists, according to the owner, Roberto Klabin.

The fire, he said, consumed more than half of the property's 52,400 hectares, but did not damage the structures used by visitors as accommodations. Now efforts are focused on assessing the losses in terms of fauna and flora.

Caiman Ecological Refuge offers ecotourism activities and also conducts research aimed at the conservation of the environment. Daily rates, with double room, start at R $ 3,000.

Fire outbreaks are frequent this time of year, but the impact has never been so significant, according to Bruno Wendling, CEO of the Mato Grosso do Sul Tourism Foundation, the state's official body. The worst is over, he says, and other establishments have not been affected.

In Mato Grosso, the tourist attractions of the Chapada dos Guimarães National Park were closed on Monday (9) new fires broke out. The site partially reopened on Wednesday (18).

In Pará, the situation is also under control, according to the Fire Department. The outbreaks recorded last weekend near Alter do Chão (PA), one of the most sought after by visitors in the state, were extinguished on Tuesday (17).

Even so, tourists with scheduled travel to the affected regions should contact the hotels before their departure.

Tourism in this area is essential because it will help biome recovery, according to Simone Scorsato, executive director of BLTA, a 38-member luxury tourism association, including hotels, inns and travel operators.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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