Oil May Restrict Work of 144,000 Fishing Professionals in Brazil

Ibama has been advising fishermen not to come into contact with the oil

Salvador and Recife

Oil slicks that have hit the northeastern coast since August 30 may restrict the work of up to 144,000 fishermen and shellfish farmers from the nine states in the region.

This is the number of fishing professionals registered in the 77 cities whose coastline was hit by oil, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture.

 Golfinho é encontrado morto em praia no município de Feliz Deserto, no litoral sul de Alagoas
A dolphin was found dead on the southern coast of Alagoas. - Instituto Biota

Minister Tereza Cristina announced that the government expects to dole out a payment of closed-end insurance for fishing communities in the Northeast that have been affected by oil slicks.

The insurance is an aid, worth a minimum wage, granted to fishermen during the temporary stoppage of activity for the reproduction and preservation of species.

In Conde, Bahia, 181 km from Salvador, fishermen have not been out to sea for two weeks, as there is a possibility of fish contamination.

Bahia Pesca, the state government of Bahia, identified 13,375 fishermen and shellfish farmers from eight cities who were directly affected by oil in the region and discussed actions to repair the damage of families.

The agency will also collect fish and shellfish for the analysis of Sanitary and Environmental Surveillance, which will determine if the fish is fit for consumption or if it is contaminated. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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