'You Can't just Take Care of the Economy and Not Worry about The Environment', Says Itaú President

Brazil is seen as a bad example and needs to improve communication, says Candido Bracher

Davos (Suiça)

Itaú Unibanco's president, Candido Bracher, will leave World Economic Forum in Davos, relieved by the good results presented by the economic team.

Despite not seeing a "big bang" in foreign investments in 2020, he believes that the scenario is for business expansion in the face of the new low-interest reality in Brazil.

However, Bracher was concerned with the view, already recurring among foreigners, especially Europeans, that Brazil is not an environmentally friendly country.

Candido Bracher (Foto: Zanone Fraissat/Folhapress, MONICA BERGAMO)

"It is very difficult to form a judgment about what happens in the environment because there is a lot of misinformation. But we are very bad at communication. In any forum here in Europe, Brazil is seen as a bad example of environmental protection. "

In the political arena, noises from Brasilia also echo in the offices of companies abroad, which feed suspicions about Brazilian political stability. In this field, however, Bracher claims to have good arguments to reassure them.

"We had a migration to the poles in terms of ideological discussion. And, yes, I can tell you that there was this migration to the poles in Brazil, but also that the institutions are supporting this debate well and allowing it to occur within a climate of order. "

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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