Stock Market Falls 7% with Coronavirus

Ibovespa adjusts abroad and the dollar goes to R$ 4.45

São Paulo

After confirming a case of coronavirus in the country, the stock market reflected the international market and plummeted yesterday, in the first trading session after Carnival. The Ibovespa fell 7% to 105,718, the lowest level since October.

The biggest falls of the day were from airlines, such as Gol and Azul, directly affected by people's fear of traveling. The dollar rose 1.3% and reached a new nominal record (without considering inflation), R$ 4.45.

Ibovespa adjusts abroad and the dollar goes to R$ 4.45 (Foto: Cris Faga/Fox Press Photo/Folhapress)

The Ministry of Health maintained the recommendations for prevention and travel: do not board if you are ill and seek a health unit if you return with symptoms. There are 20 cases under suspicion, 11 of them in São Paulo.

Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta asked people for common sense and declared that "now we will see how the virus will behave in a tropical country, in the middle of summer." "This is another flu that we are going to get through."

Infectologist David Uip, who coordinates the São Paulo contingency committee, said that "it doesn't make sense to test everyone" who has symptoms. "It doesn't change inpatient care.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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