Delivery App Workers Plan Work Stoppage in Brazil

The mobilization gains strength and will have supporters in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

São Paulo

Delivery app workers are planning a national work stoppage for Wednesday (1st). Mobilization is gaining strength in Brazil, and even in capitals in other Latin American countries.

Gathered in dozens of WhatsApp groups, workers are sharing testimonials from couriers who will join the movement in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The delivery app workers are dissatisfied with their working conditions and lower pay amid the pandemic. In addition they don’t receive basic hygiene items and there are unjustified blockages by applications. So a large part of the delivery workforce will not to deliver food and other products on Wednesday. They are also calling on the population to not to place orders on Wednesday.

The mobilization gains strength and will have supporters in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay (Foto: Roberto Casimiro /Fotoarena/Folhapress) -

The event does not include employment on the agenda (companies like Uber, iFood and Rappi do not have labor relations with professionals). The central claim is the improvement in remuneration, which has suffered even with the increase in demand, driven by the consumption of the middle class confined at home.

The pandemic increased demand for delivery, but did not reflect a higher income for drivers. Colombian Rappi, for example, has already declared a 30% increase in demand in Latin America.

On the other hand, 59% of drivers say they have started to earn less with platforms compared to the pre-Covid period, according to recent study by researchers from Unicamp, Unifesp, UFJF, UFPR and MPT who are part of Remir (Network of Studies and Monitoring of Labor Reform).

Drivers also claim to be the target of unjustified blockages. Loggi-accredited workers filed a class action lawsuit after being blocked from the app.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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