Fernando de Noronha Reopens only for Tourists Who Already Had Covid-19

New rule starts to apply on Tuesday (1st), but reports of reinfection cast doubt on the duration of immunity to the virus

Gram Slattery

The Fernando de Noronha archipelago is betting on a new strategy to fight the coronavirus: only tourists who have already had Covid-19 and recovered will be allowed to enter the place famous for its abundant marine life and paradisiacal beaches.

The archipelago's decision, which depends economically on tourism and has about 3,100 permanent residents, reflects the peculiar ways in which officials are trying to return to normal. In contrast, the new Covid-19 cases and deaths have stabilized in many parts of the world.

Fernando de Noronha - ICMBio

There is a significant debate about the level and duration of immunity that coronavirus patients develop after a first infection. There are reported cases of reinfection, including in Brazil. However, such cases are relatively rare.

The new rules take effect on September 1. For now, tourists are not allowed on the islands.

"There has been no community transmission on the island for a long time. And we need to keep it that way," said André Longo, Secretary of Health for the State of Pernambuco. "It is obvious that this step that will be taken seeks security and reactivation of economic activities in the archipelago".

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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