Lemann Says Brazil May Have Achieved Herd Immunity, but Was Less Disciplined

For investors, countries that left things looser are doing worse in the pandemic

São Paulo

Brazil is one of the less disciplined countries in facing the pandemic. Still, the Covid-19 numbers have improved, and the country may have developed some type of herd immunity, according to investor Jorge Paulo Lemann, the founder of 3G Capital fund.

In an interview with TV Bloomberg, Lemann said that it is too early to know which country has adopted the best strategy in the area of health to face the pandemic, but that those who, like Brazil, have left things looser are doing worse than the others who were more disciplined.

Jorge Paulo Lemann em evento da XP em São Paulo
( file photo) Jorge Paulo Lemann - Divulgação

Asked how he assesses how countries have dealt with the pandemic, he said that Germany, China, and South Korea have dealt with the issue in a very organized way, with lots of tests and discipline, while others have left things looser, like Sweden and Brazil.

“The Brazilian system is more difficult to be disciplined. You have many slums here. You have a lot of people. It is more difficult to test them. It is more difficult to say that they cannot go out on the street. Many depend on going out to work,” he said.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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