On the 7th Day after The Blackout, Electricity Rotation still Does Not Work in all Regions of Amapá

There are neighborhoods in Macapá with less than two hours of supply, and quilombola communities in the dark


On the seventh day after a blackout affected 90% of Amapá's population - 782 thousand people - the energy ration promised by CEA (Companhia Energética do Amapá) is not working in some parts of the state. Many residents still face power outages and water scarcity.

falta de energia
Macapá (AP), 05/11/2020 - There are neighborhoods in Macapá with less than two hours of supply (Foto: Maksuel Martins/Fotoarena/Agência O Globo) - Maksuel Martins/Fotoarena/Agência O Globo

The blackout was caused by a fire in the transformers of a power distribution substation, last Tuesday (3), and only on Saturday (7) the supply started to be normalized. However, with only 65% ​​of the state's cargo recovered, CEA announced the implementation of rationing, with six-hour rotations to supply each region.

Not all areas of the state are being served according to the CEA schedule. Stretches of neighborhoods in the north, west and south of Macapá did not have an uninterrupted power supply for six hours as promised. Other regions of the state, such as the Pedreira District, which brings together more than 20 quilombola communities in the Macapá Metropolitan Region , remain without power.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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