Don't Give Up on Brazil, Says Senate President at An Event with Investors

Rodrigo Pacheco lists reforms made in the country to bank and investor representatives


On Monday (5), the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), asked investors to not abandon their positive expectations of the country.

The senator participated in a meeting that Itaú organized in parallel to an International Monetary Fund event called "Spring Meetings." The meeting promoted by the bank often receives the same participants from the IMF event.

"I want to say to all those in Brazil and outside Brazil who see our country as a country with high expectations for the future to not give up on those expectations," said Pacheco.

FILE- BRASÍLIA, DF, 04.03.2021: Senate President, Rodrigo Pacheco. (Foto: Raul Spinassé/Folhapress, PODER)

"I would like to assess what has become of Brazil in the last five years, the time I have been in politics, four years as a federal representative and now two years and three months as a senator and today as president of the Senate, how much improvement there has been in the Brazilian environment provided by Congress and the federal government," he continued.

"During this five-year period, we underwent a substantial labor reform, which significantly changed the labor relations between employer and employee, in addition to the CLT reform, we also passed an outsourcing law," he added.

Pacheco also listed approvals for pension reform, political reform (in 2017), as well as projects like the Central Bank's autonomy and the basic sanitation framework.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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