One in Four Brazilians Lacked Food in The Last Few Months, Says Datafolha

Hunger affects more women and blacks

São Paulo

One in four Brazilians said that the amount of food on the table to feed the family was less than enough in recent months, during a Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Datafolha survey.

The survey also points out that 88% of respondents found that hunger in the country increased.

The situation is most felt by women, blacks and less educated people. Forty percent of those with only elementary education lacked food. Residents of the Northeast region also felt the most food insecurity.

Another factor related to hunger was the number of adults working in the household: where only one adult works, 29% had less than enough food. Where none worked, the number jumps to 35%.

One of these houses without employed adults is Kelly Celestino, 45, who lives in the Heliópolis slum, in the south of São Paulo, and has been without a job since the beginning of the pandemic.

Kelly supports the house and four children. One of them worked as a food delivery man by application, but he suffered a motorcycle accident and has stopped, undergoing physiotherapy.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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