Inflation and Unemployment Are Taking even Rice and Beans off Brazilians' Plates

Rising prices for food, gas and electricity deprive the poorest part of the population of even the most basic products

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

High prices combined with record unemployment are already depriving the poorest Brazilian's a plate of the country's most symbolic meal, rice and beans.

Soybean oil, beans and meat have been swapped out for lard, lentils and eggs because of inflation, which has affected the cost of food. Broken rice has replaced whole rice.

Fruits and vegetables had long left the plates of many Brazilians before people in a situation of food insecurity gave up meat and dairy products, according to the Brazilian Network for Research on Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security.

With unemployment at 14.7% in the quarter that ended in April and the reduction in emergency aid, beef consumption dropped 40% in cities like Cuiabá, having been replaced with chicken. Across the country, the adoption of eggs in the diet has grown by 9%.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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