Brazilians Lower Standards of Living Amid Economic Crisis

The country advances in vaccination to contain the pandemic, but it still needs to overcome economic problems aggravated by the health crisis

São Paulo

Traveling with your family, buying a new car, investing in your own business, or putting your children in private school. Plans like these have always been part of the daily lives of some Brazilian families — but having to give them up has become even more frequent.

The country is celebrating the advance in vaccination to contain the tragic effects of Covid-19, but now it must overcome the problems that the health crisis has aggravated.

Despite the improvement in the population's health, there is now rising unemployment, inflation, falling income, and difficulty in returning to the labor market after long periods without work.

According to a survey by the Locomotiva Institute, carried out at the request of Folha, this reality has led to budget cuts during and after the worst of the pandemic. Among respondents, 26% of families said they have had to cancel or reduce their private health insurance plans..

In addition, 14% were no longer able to pay their children's school fees and had to transfer their children to the public network, 12% no longer have domestic workers, and 52% gave up on buying new cars.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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