Military Personnel Who Command State-Owned Companies Earn Monthly Salaries between $8,300 and $50,000

15 companies are chaired by members of the Army, Navy and Air Force who receive both from the Armed Forces and the State

Military personnel from the Army, Navy, and Air Force who lead state-owned companies under direct Union control earn salaries and benefits from the Armed Forces and the companies.

In the government of Jair Bolsonaro (no party), officers of the three Forces gained strategic positions and benefits in the federal public administration. This includes positions in state-owned companies that come with high salaries and control of billionaire budgets. Of 46 state-owned companies with direct federal control, 16 (34.8%) are presided over by Army, Navy, and Air Force officers. The vast majority of them are on the reserve, and a small part is retired (retired).

A survey carried out by Folha reveals that in 15 of the 16 state-owned companies, officers are receiving salaries from the military and the company. The officer receives both the amount equivalent to the military exercise and the remuneration paid by the state-owned company. These soldiers, therefore, are receiving gross salaries ranging from $8,300 to $50,000. All these amounts exceed the ceiling for federal civil servants, of R$7,300, which is the salary of a minister of the STF (Supreme Federal Court).

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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