House Approves The Creation of Auxilio Brasil Program and Already Plans to Expand It

Proposal with possibility of serving 20 million families will go to the Senate


Without voting against and with 344 in favour, the Chamber of Deputies yesterday approved the creation of Auxílio Brasil, a social program with which President Jair Bolsonaro wants to replace Bolsa Família, a brand of PT administration, on the eve of next year's electoral campaign .

The proposal of the rapporteur Marcelo Aro (PP-MG), which also received support from the opposition, foresees the possibility of expanding the number of families served from the current 14.7 million benefited by Bolsa Família to up to 20 million, 3 million more than provided for by the Executive.

The creation of the aid took place by provisional measure and needs the approval of Congress by December 7th – after the House, the measure will proceed to the Senate.

The changes put pressure on the cost of the program as early as 2022, causing the government to raise the budget forecast to cover it.

As it is not allowed to expand social spending in an election year, the program will need to be implemented before the end of 2021.

Brazil has seen the number of families living in poverty and extreme poverty, as well as unemployment, increase.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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