Cattle Farmers Barbecue at Bradesco Branches in Protest after Video against Meat

After negative repercussions, the bank removed material from the networks with tips for consumers to take sustainable attitudes

Cattle farmers from at least five states barbecued on Monday morning at the doors of Bradesco branches, in protest against a video in which influencers recommended a day without meat and recommended a bank application that calculates footprints of carbon. The material circulated on social networks two weeks ago and Bradesco said it took the video off the air on the 23rd. In it, three influencers give tips on how consumers can have more sustainable habits and reduce their carbon footprint.

The first tip given by them is to join the movement known as "Second without Meat," in which people choose to consume vegetarian dishes.

CUIABÁ,MT - 3/1/2022 - Cattle farmers barbecue at Bradesco branches in protest after video against meat. (Foto: Rogério Florentino/Folhapress)

"Cattle raising contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases, so how about we reduce our meat consumption and choose a vegetarian dish on Monday?" says one of them. The content irritated the ruralists, arousing criticism from politicians who defend agendas linked to agribusiness, sector entrepreneurs and entities.

Rural cattle farmers organized the barbecues through social networks, which they called "Segunda com Carne".

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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