São Paulo's Homeless Population Grew 31% during the Pandemic

According to census, the number of homeless families almost doubled compared to 2019

The number of people living on the streets of São Paulo grew by 31% during the pandemic. In 2021, according to the Ricardo Nunes (MDB) administration, there were 31,884 homeless people in the city, 7,540 more than in 2019, when there were 24,344 in this situation.

Compared to 2015, when there were 15,905 homeless people, the number doubled. The data were exclusively obtained by Folha and are part of the census of the homeless population commissioned by the city hall. The survey, carried out between October and December 2021, still shows a change in the profile of those who do not have a home.

The number of families who went to live on the streets almost doubled during the pandemic. Of the 31,884 homeless people, 28% said they lived with at least one family member, totaling 8,927 people. In 2019, this percentage was 20%, reaching 4,868.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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