Senate Calls on McDonald's and Burger King to Explain False Advertising with Sandwiches

Senators approved a request that provides for a hearing on the 12th with representatives of the two networks

The Senate approved this Tuesday (3) a request that provides a hearing with representatives of the fast-food chains McDonald's and Burger King to explain false advertising cases with their sandwiches.

The hearing will be held on Thursday (12). As they are not authorities, such as Ministers of State, the requests have the force of an invitation, and therefore their presence is not mandatory.

On Thursday of last week (28), the Ministry of Justice notified McDonald's after the fast-food chain publicly confirmed that the snacks in its recently launched "Novos McPicanha" line are not made with picanha. The sandwich is actually made with a flavored sauce.

The information generated a series of complaints from consumers on social media. The chain even removed the sandwich from the menu across the country, but later also announced that it would be reincorporated, but with a new name.

A few days later, Burger King found itself involved in a similar controversy. This Monday (2), Procon of the Federal District suspended the sale in the federal capital of the Whopper Ribs snack, which does not contain ribs. Procon-SP, in turn, said it will notify the fast-food chain.

Burger King claims the burger is made with pork shoulder and has "natural rib flavor."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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