More than 100 Hours after The Blackout, 30 Thousand Properties Are Still without Power in São Paulo

With areas in darkness, residents protested on Tuesday night (7th) in São Paulo and the metropolitan region

More than 100 hours after a storm with winds exceeding 100 km/h hit the state, around 30,200 properties in the metropolitan region of São Paulo are still without electricity. The power outage began in the middle of the afternoon last Friday (3rd). This means that on Tuesday night (7th), a little over 30,000 buildings, including residences and businesses, were facing the second workday of the week in the dark.

According to the Enel utility company, responsible for the electricity supply, these 30,200 properties are part of a total of 107,000 that have been without power for at least 24 hours in the metropolitan region. The remaining approximately 77,000 had their electricity cut off for various reasons, such as cable theft or other issues with the service provision. In total, the blackout affected 2.1 million Enel customers in 24 cities in the metropolitan region. Throughout the state, the number of households affected at some point after the rainstorm reached 4.2 million.

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