Anime-Influenced Trap Style Hits The Brazilian Hip-Hop Scene

The musical style originated in the Southern US and is strongly associated with the use of cough syrup in concerts and parties

Lucas Brêda

"Kurt Cobain glasses, 'double cup,' Sprite, 'codein'" -- the chorus of rapper Raffa Moreira's biggest hit, "Bro," sounds like a bunch of meaningless words for the uninitiated music fan.

But inside trap, the hip-hop subculture to which Moreira belongs to, each term represents a small part of an increasingly popular musical style in Brazil.

The white oval sunglasses, a style popularized by the late Nirvana lead singer, for instance, are a must-have among trappers.  "Double cup" is a reference to lean or purple drank, a mixed beverage containing cough syrup, soda, and ice, which is trappers' drug of choice.

The track "Bro," released in late 2017, opened many doors to Moreira. The video was the first of his songs to go over one million views on Youtube (currently, it's close to 14 million). The singer went as far as tattooing the word "bro" on his face; face tattoos are another common feature among trappers.

Prolific trapper Raffa Moreira who released 25 tracks in 2018 - Screenshot

With his singles, videos, and mixtapes, Moreira made into the Brazilian hip-hop scene two years ago, when he was part of the second season of Youtube's series "Poets On Top," a musical challenge where rappers rhyme in sequence to the same beat, with no chorus.

Soon after, Moreira's funny comments and fights on Twitter and his musical excentricity turned him into a sort of meme.

Trap's world capital is Atlanta, in the US. That's where many of the styles biggest names come from, like 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, Future and Young Thug.

Brazilian trappers have already adopted the style's scarce and electronic beats and the ample use of Autotune. Trap is already showing its influence in established Brazilian rappers like Racionais MC and newer hip-hop stars, like Matuê, from Ceará.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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