Model Dies after Collapsing on the Runway at SPFW Fashion Show

SPFW continued despite the sad news

São Paulo

A model died on the runway on Saturday (27), the last day of shows at the 47th São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). 

In the first seconds of the Ocksa show, Thales Soares, known as Tales Cotta, 26, fell. 

The thump on the floor sounded like a planned event. But right away the model’s body tremored and he foamed at the mouth, indicating that it was not staged. The music stopped and as soon as possible two firemen jumped on the catwalk and took the model away on a stretcher. The show continued after the vent. 

(190427) -- SAO PAULO, 27 abril, 2019 (Xinhua) -- In the first seconds of the Ocksa show, Thales Soares, known as Tales Cotta, 26, fell. (Xinhua/Rahel Patrasso) (au) (da)

Twelve firemen who tried to resuscitate Soares outside, who was still alive. 

At 6 pm on Saturday, there were still four more shows and the event’s production decided to continue. 

There was a minute of silence in memory Tales before the Piet show. 

Models and friends of the model who saw him before his death said that he appeared happy, nervous and had an empty stomach. 

One of them, Isa Mel, an Oxygen Model, explained that he had not eaten because he was vegetarian and there wasn’t any vegetarian food at the show. 

Around 7 pm, SPFW sent out a notice reporting the death of the model. The notice did not contain any details and the directors of SPFW said they will only send out more information once a medical report has been concluded. 

It was a melancholy farewell to a season that could have been forgotten but will be remembered as the saddest in the history of São Paulo Fashion Week.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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