Producers Delay Brazilian Premiere of Marighella, Highly Anticipated Film about A Communist

Producers said the delay was caused by they state that the decision was motivated by delay in the procedures required by Ancine

Producers set the movie premiere for Marieghelle on November 20, Brazil's national celebration of Black Consciousness Day. But the Brazilian release of the movie, a biography of the Communist guerrilla directed by Wagner Moura, was canceled by its producers.

Producers sent a note to the press this Thursday (12) which said that "O2 Filmes had yet to fulfill all the requirements by the National Cinema Agency in time for the release".

'Marighella', by Wagner Moura - Divulgação

According to the film's press office, Ancine denied a request for funds to promote the film in late August.

At the same time, the producer was denied another request for the reimbursement of R$1 million in expenses.

In a statement, O2 stated that it only asked Ancine to clarify whether this amount was appropriate for a fund supplement notice, which was denied by the agency's board.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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