Bolsonaro Nominates Roberto Alvim as Secretary of Culture

Funarte's former performing arts director gained sympathy from the president by offending actress Fernanda Montenegro


President Bolsonaro appointed on Thursday (7) playwright and Bolsonaro supporter Roberto Alvim as Secretary of Culture.

He led Funarte's Performing Arts Center (National Arts Foundation).

Alvim recently gained the sympathy of Bolsonaro by publicly clashing with actress Fernanda Montenegro. He used social media in September to attack the actress after she posed for the cover of Quatro Cinco Um magazine.

Playwright and Bolsonaro supporter Roberto Alvim (Foto: Bruno Santos/Folhapress) - Folhapress

At the time, he said he felt "contempt" for Fernanda and accused her of being "a liar." In the publication, she appeared dressed as a witch at a fire of books. The Association of Theater Producers issued a note repudiating the playwright's statements.

Before working at Funarte, Alvim ran the Noir Club, a renowned theatrical venue in Sao Paulo, until the house closed down this year — a decline he attributes to a boycott promoted by the left after Bolsonaro became president.

Three years ago, he directed Leite Derramado, based on the eponymous novel by composer Chico Buarque. If at the time Alvim was close to Chico, then today his proximity to Bolsonaro represents the end of his career in theater.

On Thursday, the president also transferred the Secretary of Culture from the Ministry of Citizenship to the Ministry of Tourism.

The change is not the first to be made in Citizenship. The president plans to weaken it so that it will eventually be merged with the Ministry of Human Rights.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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