Bolsonaro Stacks Government Culture Agencies with Conservative Leaders

New appointments include the heads of the Audiovisual Secretariat, Palmares Foundation and Rouanet office and Ancine

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Bolsonaro confirmed a new Audiovisual secretary—Katiane de Fátima Gouvêa, who is a member of the Conservative Summit of the Americas.

Her appointment is part of a massive change in the government's culture agencies. This began weeks after Roberto Alvim took over the subfolder, now managed within the Ministry of Tourism.

Bolsonaro also named secretaries responsible for promoting sexual diversity, promoting and encouraging culture (under the Rouanet Law), the creative economy, and the Palmares Foundation, as well as a special assistant secretary. Some of these new members have already made controversial statements about culture.

Meeting with Katiane de Fátima Gouvêa, in june. - Anna Virginia Balloussier/Folhaprees

Journalist Sérgio Nascimento de Camargo is the new president of the Palmares Foundation, which responsible for promoting African culture.

On the Internet, Camargo defines himself as "black right-wing, contrary to victimization and political correctness." He has stated that Black Awareness Day is "a shame and needs to be fought" and that racial quotas "are more than absurd."

Camilo Calandreli takes over as Secretary of the Promotion and Incentive to Culture. The agency formulates the general guidelines of the funding mechanisms, including the Rouanet Law.

Coming from classical music, where he works as a teacher and opera singer, Calandreli is one of the founders of the Conservative National Symposium of Ribeirão Preto. On the internet, it shares memes that extol Bolsonaro.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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