Brazil Listens to More Live Music than any Country in World

Of the most played tracks on Brazilian Spotify, almost 7% are live shows

São Paulo

Nego do Borel just released his most ambitious album. "I've always wanted to record a live show," he said. "It is very important, a project that I always dreamed of, with a professional team, special participants."

He is talking about a "Live," audio and video record of his show. With high investment, it is regarded as the most important work of Borel's Nego career, which includes international hits "Você Partiu Meu Coração" and "Solta."

But the bet on the format is not unique to him. The last two albums of Ferrugem, one of the most popular names in the current pagode, are live recordings. The most played on the radios of the country this semester, "Milú," by Gusttavo Lima, is also a live recording. Sertanéjo giants such as Luan Santana and Marília Mendonça also released live albums this year.

Marília Mendonça (Foto: Michelle Felippelli/Zimel/Folhapress) - Zimel/Folhapress

Spotify data reinforces this insight. According to a survey by DeltaFolha, among 51 countries analyzed, Brazil is the one that listens most to live music.

Using the platform algorithm, almost 7% of Brazilian songs in the Top 200 are live. Second place is Mexico with 1.5%, and the rest of the world average is 0.5%.

If one searches for the term "live" in Spotify's Top 200, the number goes up to 30% of tracks in Brazil.

"The live version usually conveys the atmosphere of the show. For years, Brazil has been one of the few and largest markets in the sale of live shows. The Brazilian historically enjoys taking the show home," says Renê Lavradas Júnior, artistic director at Sony.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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