Instagram Writers with Millions of Followers Seduce Publishers, Brands and Readers

Their tales and poems are tailored to go viral

São Paulo

Just as a cell phone is no longer just for phone calls, short stories and poems are no longer written just to read. You need to like, comment, tag friends, follow the author, and watch their recommendations.

The same goes for writers, who bid farewell to the world in which the only creative concern is the blank sheet. Now you need to analyze online metrics, calculate reach, and study how to drive engagement and increase followers.

A hit on social networks, where they mobilize hundreds of thousands of fans with short, often sentimental and motivational texts, Instagram authors increasingly make publishers' eyes shine, and their pockets salivate.

Their tales and poems are tailored to go viral (foto Gabriel Cabral/Folhapress)

The account is simple. If they can convert 5% of followers into buyers, they'll already have a bestseller in their hands (in Brazil, a title that sells 3,000 copies is already in this group).

In the case of Akapoeta, codenamed by João Doederlein, which boasts 1.1 million followers, we reach 11,000 if 1% of its fans acquire their titles.

In a continually crumbling market that was saved by coloring books and then clung to youtubers as a float to keep from sinking, the bet on Instagram authors seems to make even more sense, as they have a readership base willing to consume literature.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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