Judge Orders Censorship of Porta dos Fundos Netflix Christmas Special

Rapporteur say that censorship is beneficial 'not only for the Christian community, but for the mostly Christian Brazilian society'

A Rio de Janeiro court ordered on Wednesday (8) the air the censorship of the Porta dos Fundo comedy Christmas episode, which was broadcasted by Netflix. In an injunction, Judge Benedicto Abicair says he decided to use caution to "calm down." The order becomes valid when the parties are summoned.

The Rio court told Folha that it is impossible to set a deadline for the subpoena, but that, as an urgent measure, it may occur on Thursday (9). According to the Porta dos Fundos press office, the company has not yet been notified of the court order.

The special portrays a gay Jesus (Gregorio Duvivier, Folha columnist), who has a relationship with the young Orlando (Fabio Porchat), and a lying God (Antonio Tabet) who lives a love triangle with Mary and Joseph. There are at least seven cases in court against Netflix, filed by church leaders who were offended by the parody.

Video grab released by Netflix Brazil showing a scene from the Netflix production "Porta dos Fundos' Christmas Special: Christ's First Temptation", in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on December 26, 2019. (Photo by HO / Netflix Brazil / AFP) - AFP

The reaction to the episode also occurred outside the legal field. In the early hours of December 24, people threw two Molotov cocktails on the Porta dos Fundos building in southern Rio de Janeiro. One of the suspects is in Russia.

The request to suspend the episode, filed by the Centro Don Bosco Association of Faith and Culture, had been denied in the first instance. The appeal went to the rapporteur, Abicair, who had a different understanding.

For him, the suspension is more appropriate and beneficial, "not only for the Christian community but for the mostly Christian Brazilian society."

Abicair's determination is provisional. The collegiate session will decide whether or not to censor the episode. As long as there is no new decision, Netflix and Porta dos Fundos may appeal to try to overturn the injunction. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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